Plant a Tree With Rainin | Reduce Plastic Lab Waste

Reduce Plastic Lab Waste and Support Global Reforestation

Plant a Tree with Rainin
Plant a Tree with Rainin

For every 10 packs of Rainin TerraRack, SpaceSaver or GreenPak tips you buy, we'll plant a tree!


TerraRack clam shell packaging uses Grade 1 Polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE). PETE is the most widely accepted plastic, making it easily recyclable in your standard "mixed waste" stream. PETE can be recycled back into virgin product, unlike Polypropylene (PP), which must be downcycled. The empty racks nest inside each other, significantly reducing waste volume as well as weight.

SpaceSaver Refills

Space-saving Rainin rack refill options enhance your workflow and minimises plastic waste. Not only does this product reduce plastic by 85% compared to traditional rack equivalents, but the sleeve shell is made from Grade 1 recyclable PETE and collapses into a sheet, greatly reducing waste volume. The refill system allows the reuse of Rainin tip racks and saves valuable space.

GreenPak Refills

Individual rack refills allow you to reuse an empty Rainin tip rack and offer the option for refilling with filter tips. The clam shells are made from lightweight recycled PETE and use 75% less plastic than the traditional tip rack equivalent. Lighter weight means less energy expended on transport at all stages in the supply chain and less weight of waste material post use.

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