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Datasheet: Specific Heat Evaluation

Various Evaluation Possibilities

Fiche Technique

Various Evaluation Possibilities

Datasheet: Specific Heat Capacity
Datasheet: Specific Heat Capacity

The specific heat capacity cp is an important material property often used in calculations of thermal processes in the chemical industry. It describes the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of 1 g (or 1 mole) of a substance by 1 K. With the aid of this software option, the cp temperature function of a substance can be determined quickly and simply using DSC or TGA/DSC measurements.

Specific heat capacity is important for improving technical processes such as injection molding, spray drying, and crystallization. Cp data is necessary for safety analysis of chemical processes and reactor construction.


Features and Benefits

  • ISO/DIN/ASTM sapphire standard method – ensures for very high Cp accuracy
  • Fast Direct cp-method – obtain accurate cp results in the shortest time


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