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Datasheet: Model Free Kinetics

For Process and Safety Investigations

Fiche Technique

For Process and Safety Investigations

Datsheet: Model Free Kinetics
Datsheet: Model Free Kinetics

Model Free Kinetics (MFK) allows you to predict reaction behavior under different conditions, where measurements are difficult to perform or where the reaction times are very short or very long. This enables the scientist and engineer to optimize processes, predict optimum reaction temperatures, assess storage capabilities, and estimate the thermal stability and lifetimes of materials.

The MFK package is suitable for DSC and TGA measurements and does not require a chemical-physical model. It describes complex reaction behavior very well. The kinetic calculations are based on three or more dynamically measured conversion curves. The mathematical result is a conversion-dependent activation energy.


Features and Benefits

  • Model Free kinetics – simulate chemical reactions based on dynamic heating measurements to predict reaction behavior under different conditions
  • No reaction modelling – allows complex chemical reactions to be analyzed without making any assumptions about a particular reaction model


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