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OptiOx replacement Cap

InLab sensors- simply reliable.. Replacement Cap OptiOx: 51344630, Calibration Tube OptiOx: 51344631, Protective Guard OptiOx: 51344632, BOD Adapter OptiOx: 51344633

The right accessories

Mount the new replacement cap on the shaft of your OptiOx sensor, and you have a new OptiOx!

RDO - Accurate and fast

Optical dissolved oxygen sensor based on RDO® technology with ISM (intelligent sensor management), IP67, 5m cable small LTW, integrated temp. probe

The right sensor for every application

METTLER TOLEDO offers pH and other sensors for all kinds of applications. Find the best suited sensor for your application here: www.electrodes.net.

Especificaciones - OptiOx replacement Cap
Type Sensor accessories
Número de material 51344630


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OptiOx replacement Cap
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