Safe Handling of Hydrogen Peroxide on a Large Scale | On-Demand Webinar

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Safe Handling of Hydrogen Peroxide

Synthesis of 2-Nitro-5-Bromopyridine

This webinar describes practical examples of how researchers at OLON Spa safely handle hydrogen peroxide. Alessandro Agosti of OLON Spa describes large scale oxidation reactions, including synthesis of 2-nitro-5-bromopyridine.

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5-Bromo-2-nitropyridine was prepared from the corresponding amine via hydrogen peroxide oxidation in large scale production. Initially, this transformation showed low conversion, high impurity content, and lack of reproducibility in lab trials. Parallel to process development, safety studies were conducted to investigate the stability of oxidant mixture, its composition, and the oxidation reaction itself by reaction and adiabatic calorimetry. The resulting robust reaction conditions and appropriate safety boundaries allowed to develop a reproducible, safe protocol for the implementation of this chemistry on large scale, obtaining consistent results throughout the campaign.

Who Should View This Presentation?
Chemists and Chemical Engineers in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries as well Academia that are interested in safely handling hydrogen peroxide on a large scale.

Guest Presenter
Alessandro Agosti obtained his MSc in Industrial Organic Chemistry at the University of Milan and his PhD at the University of Berne under the supervision of Prof. Philippe Renaud. His research involved the discovery of new synthetic methodologies for the construction of aza-spirocycles, a structural motif of naturally occurring alkaloids. Afterwards, he conducted postdoctoral research in the group of Prof. Timothy Jamison at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He then had a second postdoctoral stay at the Laboratory for Process Research in Switzerland where he began applying organic chemistry for the development of synthetic processes of pharmaceutical relevant molecules. In 2011, he started his industrial career in INFA Group (now OLON) on the outskirts of Milan (Italy) as a Process Development Scientist, being involved in the design, optimization and industrialization of complex chemical processes for the production of advanced intermediates and APIs. He is currently the Head of Process Safety Laboratory at OLON Spa.

Safe Handling of Hydrogen Peroxide
Alessandro Agosti - OLON Spa