Comprehensive Care - METTLER TOLEDO


The Comprehensive Care Package provides you with following maintenance coverage



Comprehensive Care


Check the power cable and the power supply for damage
Check proper function of the power switching circuits
Inspect the housing and gaskets for damage, moisture ingress, chemical contamination, cracks and scratches, etc.
Confirm that connectors and interfaces are tight and undamaged and inspect for signs of corrosion or oxidation
Inspect the display, keypad or touchscreen for any damage or missing pixels; check functionality of user interface
Inspect any protective cover, if applicable
Perform external and internal cleaning
Perform operational testing to guarantee correct basic functionality
Recommend replacement of any components that are in poor condition, excessively worn or malfunctioning

Additional benefits

Full labor and spare parts coverage in case of needed repairs
Priority access to our technical assistance hotline
Scheduling priority over non-contract customers


Calibration and Certificates – selected according to your specific industry and regulatory requirements


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