Sodium Analyzer 2300Na
Sodium Analyzer 2300Na

Sodium Analyzer 2300Na

Early detection of trace sodium contamination with minimal operator intervention

Sodium Analyzer for Pure Water and Steam Monitoring: 2300Na

The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 2300Na Sodium Analyzer provides assurance of water purity to maximize water production and minimize corrosion. Early de...

The METTLER TOLEDO Thornton 2300Na Sodium Analyzer provides assurance of water purity to maximize water production and minimize corrosion. Early detection of trace contamination is enabled with minimal operator supervision.

Ultrapure water monitoring at sub-ppb sodium levels can assure the highest quality water is delivered. Sodium breakthrough of a polisher cation resin is immediately detected at sub-ppb levels and contaminated water can be diverted before it reaches critical areas.

Ideal for:

  • Pure water treatment cation exchange monitoring
  • Power steam quality monitoring
  • Power condensate monitoring

Uncompromised Accuracy with Unattended Calibration
Low and Easy Maintenance with Minimal Reagent Use
Reliability through Advanced Safety Features



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Data Sheet: 2300Na Services
Expert system services and periodic replacement of consumables maximizes system availability and productivity.
Data Sheet 2300Na Sodium Analyzer
Automated sodium measurement, sensitive and reliable.


Achieve Optimal Uptime and Performance

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Consumables Kit for Sodium Analyzer 2300Na
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