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Portable pH Meter Pro2Go

Simple, Robust and Mobile pH Measurement

For periodic pH measurements or redox measurements, this mobile pH meter is the ideal choice. It combines great durability and intuitive, one-handed operation with the high measurement confidence and diagnostics you expect from METTLER TOLEDO.

Intuitive Operation
The intuitive menu of the Pro2Go™ provides an easy-to-use pH testing system that can be quickly implemented into your operations.

Weatherproof and Robust
For measurement in demanding industrial environments, the Pro2Go pH meter offers water and dust protection and is rigorously drop-tested.

Mobile Data Access
This portable pH meter can internally store up to 2000 data points, and can access the sensor's calibration data.

Portable pH Meter Pro2Go
Specifications - Portable pH Meter Pro2Go
Measurement Parameters pH, mV and Temperature
Sensor Type Analog and ISM Sensors
pH Measuring Range -2 to 20 pH
pH-resolution 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1 / 1
Battery Life (standby) 200 to 250 hours
User Interface Graphic LCD Display
Data Logger 2000 Datasets (GLP conform)
PC Connection Micro-USB for Data Transfer and Power
Housing material ABS/PC reinforced
Enclosure rating IP67
Ambient temperature 0…40⁰C (32 to 104⁰F)
Weight 290 g (0.63 lbs)
Approvals CSA

Features and Benefits

Versatile and User-Friendly
Pro2Go offers easy set-up from its intuitive menu (in 10 languages) so that users can simply take it out of the box and operate it with no need to study complicated manuals. The meter’s sleek, ergonomic design makes it easy to handle.

Durable for Industrial Use
A pH meter used in the field needs to stand up to your industrial environment. Pro2Go provides IP67 ingress protection from dust and water damage. It has been drop tested to ensure that it can withstand harsh and demanding applications.

Easy Data Capture and Management
Pro2Go collects data from measurements and stores it in its internal memory. It can store up to 2000 data sets and the pH meter
can connect via micro-USB to a computer for data transfer and for powering.

ISM Diagnostics in a Handheld Device
The Pro2Go portable pH meter is fully compatible with both analog pH sensors and pH sensors with digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) technology. This means it has full sensor diagnostics including an Adaptive Calibration Timer and Dynamic Lifetime Indicator.


Technical Specifications

Technical Datasheet for Portable pH Meter Pro2Go
Pro2Go is compatible with both analog and digital ISM sensors. Its ISM features include Plug and Measure for error-free setup, and display of sensor d...


Data Sheet for Portable pH Meter Pro2Go
For periodic pH or redox measurements, a mobile meter is the ideal choice. Designed for industrial applications, Pro2Go’s intuitive menu ensures out-o...


Instruction Manual: pH/ORP Meter Pro2Go
The Pro2Go offers many exciting features, including Simple and intuitive menus that shorten steps needed for setting up measurements and calibration,...
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Portable pH Meter Pro2Go


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Portable pH Meter Pro2Go
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