PT4805 Redox Probe for Chemical Applications

Pt4805-DPA-SC-S8 Redox Probe

Low-maintenance gel filled Redox probe for chemical applications

Pt4805-DPA is a pre-pressurized, gel-filled, low-maintenance electrode for in-line measurements of oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in chemical applications. It is designed for use in reactors, tanks, open basins and transfer lines under harsh chemical process conditions.
Specifications - Pt4805-DPA-SC-S8 Redox Probe
Short description Gel-filled electrolyte Redox-electrode
pH-range 0... 14
Temperature range 0...100 °C (32...212 °F)
Pressure resistance (bar) up to 2.5 bar overpressure
Pressure resistance (psi) up to 36 psi overpressure
Diaphragm ceramic
Number of diaphragms 1
Reference system Argenthal system
Silver-ion trap yes
Sterilizable no
Autoclavable no
ISM no
Material Number(s) 52005351
Features and Benefits
  • The Pt4805-DPA electrode is filled with gel-reference electrolyte which is pre-pressurized to 2.5 bar (36 psi).
Long operational electrode lifetime
  • It is provided with a patented silver-ion trap to prevent diaphragm fouling in sulfide-containing media.
High accuracy
  • The internal over-pressure ensures a gradual electrolyte outflow efficiently cleaning the diaphragm and preventing influx of process media into the reference electrolyte.


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Pt4805-DPA-SC-S8 Redox Probe


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Pt4805-DPA-SC-S8 Redox Probe
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