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InPro 5500i CO₂ Sensor for Beverages

InPro 5500i CO₂ Sensor for Beverages

Less Maintenance, Greater Reliability

Dissolved CO2 in-line sensor for breweries and carbonated soft drinks process control

The InPro 5500i enhances industry-proven thermal conductivity CO2 measurement by providing increased reliability, leading to greater operational uptime.

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology offers pre-calibration and Plug and Measure functions for fast, error-free measurement point start up. The Dynamic Lifetime Indicator and the Adaptive Calibration Timer enable predictive maintenance planning keeping the sensor at peak performance at all times. A choice of process connections ensures easy installation.

The InPro 5500i sensor can be combined with an M400 transmitter for a single measurement loop or with an O2 sensor using the M800 multi-channel transmitter for a complete dual O2 / CO2 loop.

Specifications - InPro 5500i CO₂ Sensor for Beverages
Short description Sensor for monitoring carbonation levels for beer and soft drink quality control
Accuracy in fluids- ± 1 % within ± 5 °C of calibration temperature, ± 2 % over temperature range 0 … 50 °C (32 … 122 °F)
Operating range 0 …1 0 bar p (CO2) / 0 … 145 psi p (CO2), 0 … 15 g/L CO2, 0 … 7 V/V CO2
Measurement range < 20s
Temperature compensation automatic with built-in RTD
Cable and connections 5 pin, RS 485 data cable
O-ring material EPDM* (wetted parts) (other material on request) *FDA approved
Material 316L stainless steel
Membrane material PTFE / Silicone (reinforced with steel mesh)
Certificates Material certificate 3.1, Final inspection certificate
Industry Beverages

Features and benefits:

Proven technology

  • Improved thermal conductivity technique for greater accuracy and low drift
  • Immunity to background gases means high CO2 selectivity
  • High comparability with established reference methods

Predictive maintenance

  • Dynamic Lifetime Indicator detects when membrane replacement will be required
  • Adaptive Calibration Timer predicts when calibration should be performed


  • Simple maintenance with hygienic membrane cap design
  • Installation with Varivent™, Tri-Clamp® and 28 mm / M42 socket process connections
  • Plug and Measure for fast start up
  • Easy in-line calibration


  • Membrane integrity detection for high resource availability
  • No moving parts for reduced failure rate and higher operational uptime
  • Automatic sensor protection in event of purge gas failure


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Thermal Conductivity CO₂ Sensor Proven, Intelligent, Convenient
InPro 5500i has been developed for in-line CO₂ measurements in brewery and carbonated soft drink processes.


Quick Setup Guide for InPro 5500 i Series
This quick setup contains safety instructions, sensor installation, operation, maintenance, disposal and storage condition of InPro 5500 (i) sensor.
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InPro 5500i CO₂ Sensor for Beverages


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InPro 5500i CO₂ Sensor for Beverages
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