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CPL,5000G, 200G,ASTM,4,4,C

CarePac Line.

Cost Savings

Only what is needed for routine testing, two weights rather than the entire set of weights.

Optional Third Weight

CarePacs offer the option of adding a third weight of between 1 mg and 100 g for customized testing, e.g. determination of minimum weight.

Professional Accessories

Ergonomic tweezers and weight forks as well as clean-room approved gloves and cleaning cloths that meet the highest requirements of any industry.

Specifications - CPL,5000G, 200G,ASTM,4,4,C
ASTM Class 4
Box Plastic box (included)
Calibration Certificate Yes
Content (set up) 5kg/200g 4
Density p 7950 (± 140) kg/m3
Design Adjusting cavity
Material 316 Stainless steel
Nominal Value 5kg/200g
Susceptibility X ≤ 0.05
Material Number(s) 11123111


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CPL,5000G, 200G,ASTM,4,4,C


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