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SevenDirect Advanced pH Meter Line

Robust and Intuitive Benchtop Meters with Full GLP Support

SevenDirect instruments are benchtop meters developed for a wide range of laboratory applications, They provide accurate measurements of pH, ion concentration, and conductivity of almost any sample. Their ease of use, data handling options and robustness will delight discerning users.

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Advantages of the SevenDirect Benchtop pH Meter

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What can a SevenDirect™ benchtop meter be used for?

SevenDirect benchtop meters provide accurate pH, ion concentration, and conductivity measurements of almost any sample. No matter the industry—SevenDirect has features that make a difference:

  • The 7’’ touchscreen comes with an intuitive user interface
  • The uFocus mode shows only the most important parameters on screen
  • StatusLight allows for an easy readiness check
  • Two level user management protects from unwanted changes to instrument settings
  • Easy sample ID entry helps keep track of results
  • The optional EasyDirect™ software simplifies data handling
  • IP54 offers protection against dust and spills.


How can I store my measurement results generated on SevenDirect?

  • On the instrument: SevenDirect has an internal memory capacity for up to 2000 standard measurements. Results can be viewed or filtered directly on the instrument.
  • EasyDirect pH PC software: Simply connect via a USB A/B cable and profit from easy long term storage, plotting functions and export to your PC.
  • USB P-25 printer: Immediate, automatic printouts provide a safe and simple way to record measurement data.
  • USB memory stick: connect to your meter and collect results, then simply transfer them to your PC.


Is ISM supported with SevenDirect?

ISM® stands for Intelligent Sensor Management. Every ISM marked sensor contains a chip that saves relevant data and exchanges them with the meter.

The saved information comprises of the following data:

  • Values, name, serial number, date and time of the certification made at the end of the production at the factory
  • Values, date and time of the last five calibrations
  • The maximum temperature that the sensor has ever been exposed to


This allows for better data security, monitoring of the sensor history and eases handling of the sensor when used with different meters capable of reading ISM sensors.

The SevenExcellence™, SevenDirect™, Seven2Go™ and SevenGo Duo™ meters incorpo­rate Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM).


Can the new EasyPlace™ be used with the SevenExcellence, FiveEasy, or any other pH meters?

Yes, while the EasyPlace electrode arm is designed for use with the SevenDirect meter it can also be used with other pH meters. The electrode holder is suitable for InLab pH, conductivity and ISE sensors.