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iC Software Care

iC Software Care

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iC Software Care

Software Care – Contracts for Your Needs

Services Included


Software Evolution – Updates and Upgrades

Notification and access for new software releases
  • Improved system reliability and uptime
  • Compliance with changing regulations and standards
  • Quick response and resolution times
  • Enhanced functionality for more efficient operation

Support Software Remotely

Technical assistance via remote methods (telephone, email and chat)
  • Fast and efficient support for setup and operational questions
  • Quick response and resolution times
  • Minimal interruption of normal business processes

Enterprise Features

Use of iC Data Center for automatic capturing and sharing experimental data:
  • Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and data warehouse connections
  • Experiment and instrument usage metrics
  • Unlimited office licenses

*Software services are not available in all regions.
Please contact your METTLER TOLEDO sales representative for more information.