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iC Kinetics™ software helps chemists and chemical engineers to quickly optimize chemical reactions.  iC Kinetics™ provides a fast graphical way to describe the characteristics of a chemical reaction and create a kinetic model.  This model can be used to simulate the effect of concentration and temperature parameters on the performance of the reaction.  This data is generated in fewer experiments than using a traditional approach, leading to a faster way to understand and optimize your chemistry.

With iC Kinetics™, you can:

  • Optimize reactions faster
  • Study process robustness
  • Understand catalyst performance
  • Analyze reaction driving forces

iC Kinetics™ includes a host of features to understand and analyze reaction progress data from in situ spectroscopy or calorimetric data:

  • Seamlessly import data from other iC Software such as iC IR™, iControl RC1e™, and iControl EasyMax™.
  • Import other trend data using text files
  • Support for reaction editor and chemical table
  • Automatically generates the chemical rate equation for concentration data
  • Calculate activation energy for temperature dependent models
  • Simulate the results of hundreds of reactions based on the results from a small number of carefully designed actual experiments
  • Interactive, dynamic updates allow users to instantly see the results of any change
  • Over a dozen analysis and diagnostic charts are available to help you fully understand your results
  • One-click reports to Microsoft Word or XPS read-only format

Discontinued since: Oct, 2021

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