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SWB220, VLM3, and SWD440 Economic Weigh Modules

SWB305 and SWC415 Economic Weigh Modules

Compression weigh modules for cost-effective conversion of tanks, hoppers, and conveyors into scales.

Load Cell Certifications
Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction
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Carbon or Stainless Steel Construction
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Maintenance and calibration to optimize your operations

SWB305, SWC415 Weigh Modules

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules enable the quick and safe conversion of a tank, vessel, silo, hopper, conveyor or structural systems into a scale. Bui...

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules enable the quick and safe conversion of a tank, vessel, silo, hopper, conveyor or structural systems into a scale. Built-in side-load and anti-lift protection ensure that safety, performance and precision are maintained. METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules are used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.  They are available in various versions depending on the application and environment to meet requirements of OEM machine manufacturers, system integrators and end-users. Weigh modules incorporate SafeLock for fast and safe installation. The weigh module is locked and acts as a solid block protecting the load cell from overload during installation.  No need to buy expensive dummy weigh module. A wide range of accessories are available for weigh modules including stabilizers for use with aggressive mixers and agitators, thermal pads to isolate from conducted heat and shock-vibration pads to dampen shock and vibration.  Dead stands  for level-control applications are also available.

METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide range of weigh modules from 5kg up to 300t capacity. Weigh modules are available in painted steel, zinc plated steel, 304 (1.4301) stainless steel and 316 (1.4401) stainless steel electro-polished. They are available in various legal-for-trade accuracy levels according to OIML R60 and NTEP HB44 starting from OIML 3000e (OIML C3), NTEP 5000d, OIML 6000e (OIML C6), NTEP 10000d to finally OIML 10000e (OIML C10). Weigh modules are available for hazardous area application and are approved according to ATEX, FM (Factory Mutual), cFM (Canada), IECEx and NEPSI. They meet protection classes IP67, IP68 or even IP69K. Weigh modules are available in EN1090 versions made in specially controlled and documented manufacturing process for high safety requirements. Weigh modules support the weightless calibration CalFree or even CalFree Plus allowing for tank calibration on a fingertip.
PowerMount weigh modules allow for diagnostics down to the load cell level, alarm the user in case of a failure and enable quick fix of problems. RunFlat allows simulation of failed load cell to continue production for minimal downtime.

Hygienic weigh modules certified to NSF, GMP and following the design criteria of EHEDG are also available. These are self-draining,  mirror-polished and avoid metal-to-metal contact for minimal contamination risk.

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