Comparison between Array vs Scanning and Xenon vs Tungsten-Deuterium Lamp
White Paper

Array versus Scanning UV Vis

White Paper

Comparison between Array vs Scanning and Xenon vs Tungsten-Deuterium Lamp

deuterium lamp
deuterium lamp

Array versus Scanning

UV Vis instruments can be classified according to the geometry of the components that build up the optical system for the recording of spectra. The following configurations are generally used in UV Vis spectroscopy:

  • Scanning spectrophotometer, usually equipped with a Tungsten-Deuterium lamp
  • Array spectrophotometer, usually equipped with a Xenon lamp

Most currently available  UV Vis spectrophotometers are equipped either with Tungsten-Deuterium lamps or a Xenon lamp as the light source. Spectrophotometer design, in particular the type of lamp and internal optical configuration used, contributes to varying performance characteristics which can influence the efficiency of your lab.  What are the differences between each instrument setup? Do you know the benefits of Xenon lamp Spectrophotometers with an array optical configuration?

Xenon versus Tungsten-Deuterium Lamp

Tungsten-Deuterium lamp spectrophotometers are considerably less efficient since two lamps are required to cover the UV Vis spectral range. Moreover, they must continue to operate during the entire instrument up-time. This contributes to shorter life-times and higher instrument maintenance costs.

Xenon lamps, however, cover a similar spectral range with only one lamp. In this case, this type of instrument lamp source operates only for the duration of the actual measurement and boasts a minimum lifetime of ten years.

Spectrophotometers combining array technology with a Xenon light source, encompassing the METTLER TOLEDO UV Vis Excellence range, offer significant advantages over scanning technology with Tungsten-Deuterium lamps, including:

  • extended instrument lifetime
  • faster measurements due to the lack of moving parts
  • smaller bench space
  • reduced down-time
  • minimal maintenance costs
To find out more information, download the Array Versus Scanning White Paper which compares the two well-established UV/VIS spectrophotometer setups and assesses their individual performances and benefits.
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