Chemical Reaction Profiling | A Review
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Chemical Reaction Profiling: A Review

Know How
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20 Publications Citing In Situ FTIR Spectroscopy for Reaction Profiling

Understanding the kinetics and mechanisms of the individual reactions in a new synthetic route is often required in order to advance novel chemistry. Scientists in academic and industrial laboratories working on synthesizing new chemical entities use in situ FTIR spectroscopy to more effectively obtain reaction rate information and to deduce reaction mechanisms. This is well evidenced by the thousands of articles and citations published over the past three decades that referenced the use of in situ FTIR spectroscopy for synthesis research in chemistry. 

The ability to observe molecular changes occurring in your reaction as a function of time provides scientists with rapid insight, including:

  • Kinetic Information
  • Structural Data
  • Mechanistic Understanding
  • Catalytic Cycle Characterization

This white paper, In Situ Reaction Profiling: A Literature Review, reviews 20 examples from academic institutions that utilize in situ FTIR for comprehensive reaction understanding.


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