POWERCELL PDX: The Latest in Vehicle Weighing Technology ¦ METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

POWERCELL PDX: The Latest in Vehicle Weighing Technology

On Demand Webinar

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Learn more about the revolutionary POWERCELL PDX load cell with outstanding reliability and accuracy.



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Webinar outline

  • Load Cells: the Heart of Every Scale
    • Total cost of ownership
    • Better technology, better performance

  • About POWERCELL PDX Load Cells
    • Accuracy and reliability
    • Extreme conditions and lightning
    • Eliminating junction boxes
    • Corrosion and moisture ingress
    • Radio interference, cable damage, and tampering
    • Eliminating downtime
    • Comprehensive testing

  • Diagnostics – Analog vs. POWERCELL
  • New scales vs. Upgrades
  • Summary

Stuart Thomas, Global Service and Segment Marketing Manager
Vehicle Strategic Business Unit, METTLER TOLEDO

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