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On Demand Webinar

Mixing for Heterogeneous, Continuous Processes

On Demand Webinar

Mixing for heat transfer, mass transfer and kinetics

Development of continuous processes is a chemical engineering challenge that requires a balance of heat transfer, mass transfer and kinetics. This webinar discusses how to simulate plant conditions and develop continuous processes.
Jerry Salan - Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.
30 Minutes

The development of continuous processes is an exciting chemical engineering challenge that includes a delicate balance of heat transfer, mass transfer and kinetics. Scaling processes to larger volumes or developing continuous processes can benefit from predictive tools. This presentation shows how VisiMix modeling software was utilized for simulating plant conditions and developing a continuous process for two, 50-liter continuous stirred tank reactors for manufacturing an explosive. The challenges included both reaction selectivity, particle size and finally morphology. These challenges were solved using the software and the synthetic tools including synthesis workstations.

Guest Presenter – Jerry Salan, CEO, Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.
Jerry Salan is the President of Nalas Engineering Services.  Jerry has worked as a chemical engineer developing processes for over 15 years. Jerry started his career manufacturing explosives for the US Navy and developing continuous processes for novel energetic ingredients. Jerry later worked at Pfizer where he was part of various teams that developed chemical processes to pharmaceuticals including continuous processes to new drugs. Finally, Jerry started his business which currently operates out of a 20,000 square foot facility in Essex, Connecticut. Jerry is interested in all aspects of chemical process development and would enjoy speaking with anyone with the same interests.   

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