High-Speed DSC – Obtain Unique Insights into Your Materials

High-Speed DSC – Obtain Unique Insights into Your Materials


High-speed DSC, which subjects samples to ultra-high cooling and heating rates, is becoming an indispensable tool for the characterization of novel materials in R&D. Explore the novel insights that can be gained—using a Flash DSC—in our "Thermal Analysis Innovation" guide.

High-Speed DSC
High-Speed DSC

High-Speed DSC overcomes certain limits of conventional DSC by achieving ultra-high cooling-rates, typical in real-life production, and ultra-high heating rates—allowing one to separate physical and chemical effects, such as melting from decomposition. This makes High-Speed DSC ideal for the characterization of novel materials and optimization of production processes.

Not only does High-Speed DSC allow one to simulate processing conditions, but it is also far more sensitive and faster compared to a conventional DSC experiment. The Flash DSC 1 by METTLER TOLEDO—receiving the R&D 100 award—introduces innovative sensor technology that enables greater insight into a material's thermal properties and behavior.

This guide discusses the benefits of Flash DSC technology, supported by real application examples, for obtaining valuable information about materials that was previously out of reach.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Flash DSC technology for R&D laboratories
  3. Breakthrough insights with high-speed heating & cooling rates
    • At what heating rate does the reorganization of amorphous isotactic polypropylene (iPP) stop?
    • What is the optimum cooling rate for producing amorphous iPP?
    • How can PET films with different processing conditions be differentiated?
    • Can melting be separated from decomposition?
  4. Summary
  5. More information

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