Safety Resources

Sustain a Culture of Safety


References and resources to help improve personal and process safety

Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a core responsibility for every employer and a business priority across the high-value chemical industry. Hazardous and toxic chemicals present specific risks that must be understood. Often, products are developed and produced under extreme conditions, and the chemistry must be clearly understood to ensure safe and compliant operation. The references and resources below describe how the most challenging aspects of ensuring personal and process safety are being addressed.

Safety Challenges

  • Chemical development is a hands-on activity, meaning exposure to toxic and hazardous materials is a necessary risk that must be addressed.
  • Ergonomic injuries are common in laboratory and manufacturing environments and are often related to workplace design
  • Eliminating flammable solvents or combustible powders greatly improves safety but is challenging from a scientific perspective
  • High risk processes and designs must be assessed for safety, often under challenging timelines and with ever decreasing amounts of material available.
  • Sharing hazard information and supporting data across an organization and with external partners is difficult
  • The risks associated with sampling hazardous systems that are operating at elevated temperatures and pressure is often too high to justify
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