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Application Note: Optical Product Monitors in the Brewing Process

Frontpage Application Note Optical Product Monitors in the Brewing HouseIn a highly competitive business environment, cost optimized production is an important cornerstone for a successfully operating brewery. Furthermore, the risk of interruption to the filling process caused by using the wrong or a contaminated product, must be minimized. 
Process analytical systems from METTLER TOLEDO support breweries in their endeavors to achieve these goals. Optical product monitors help to minimize beer losses and to optimize yeast recovery processes. The real-time identification of the current product in the filling line and an early alarm in the event of an unwanted product change, increases process safety and avoids unscheduled downtimes.
Detection of phase transition yeast – beer
Typically, turbidity monitors are installed in the outlet of cylindroconical fermentation and storage tanks. Compared to a visual phase separation, the detection of the phase transition yeast to beer can be fully automated and optimized with an optical product monitor. In the outlet of fermentation tanks this leads to a higher yield of yeast for the yeast recovery process...
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