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The following points show how the Trusted Advisor App, part of InTouch Digital ServicesSM, helped a customer in need. 

Customer Pain Points

  •  Multiple sites (>250) across a large geographic area
  •  The need to monitor scales during peak harvest season
  • Ability to see live weight of scales and zero scales remotely
  •  Critical need for notification of issues in real-time vs. after the fact


  • ACI400 with Trusted Advisor App
  1. Allows customers to connect all scales with remote visibility
  2. Provides the following without the need to physically access the terminal:
  • View live weight on the scale
  • Zero scale remotely
  • Alert customer of issues with load cells or terminals
  • Request service from a METTLER TOLEDO Authorized Provider with the push of a button
  •  See scale details to help with troubleshooting

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