TLD870 Pallet Dimensioner
TLD870 Dimensioner

3 Times Faster

The best pallet dimensioner is one that doesn't slow down your operation. Twice as fast as its predecessor and three times as fast as other laser-based dimensioners, the quick measuring time of the TLD870 means no slow-down in your pallet-handling speeds.

Dimension Everything First-Time

Some surface types, such as black plastic and other reflective wrappings, can cause problems for dimensioners. The TLD870 gives you an accurate reading on 99% of surface types for easy, efficient revenue recovery on any pallet.

Clever Set-Up and Maintenance

Spend time and money on tasks other than maintaining your dimensioner. The system constantly checks performance status for quick service intervention if needed. Dimensioners are easy to install and quickly replaced for low-cost, hassle-free ownership.

Seamless Integration

The TLD870 can be supplied as a dimensioner only or with your choice of floor or forklift scale. Data is communicated seamlessly with no need to change your existing IT infrastructure.

Highest Uptime

Choosing a dimensioner with no moving parts is key to ensuring uptime. With no critical elements exposed, the TLD870 provides reliable performance over time.