5000TOCi TOC Analyzer

5000TOCi TOC Analyzer - Udgået produkt

Continuous TOC Measurement

The 5000TOCi sensor is a user-friendly and economical analyzer for on-line measurement of total organic carbon. 5000TOCi uses proven ultraviolet (UV) oxidation with differential conductivity to effectively determine TOC concentrations.

On-line, Continuous Measurement
Fast, continuous TOC monitoring ensures rapid detection of even brief upsets to demonstrate compliance with water quality requirements in real-time.

Compliance with Global Pharmacopeias
Meets the requirements of all major global pharmacopeias for TOC instrumentation, including USP, EP, JP, ChP, and IP.

Trace Sensitivity
"Detection of TOC concentrations from ppm to sub-ppb range enables comprehensive trending to diagnose issues that can affect water system performance."

5000TOCi TOC Analyzer

Udgået siden: Jun, 2019

Erstattet med: 6000TOCi on-line TOC-analysator

Realtidskontrol af totalt organisk kulstof

Den on-line TOC-sensor 6000TOCi leverer pålidelig data med henblik på at påvise overensstemmelse i farmaceutiske vandsystemer.  Sensorerne med høj ydeevne leverer realtidsdata, intern diagnostik og rapportering for nem overholdelse af auditkravene.

Gennemskuelige TOC-niveauer i realtid
Få gennemskuelig kontrol over dit vandsystem med den hurtigste reaktionstid på markedet og målingsopdateringer hvert sekund til kontinuerlig TOC-analyse.

Afgørende data, der understøtter regeloverholdelse
6000TOCi anvender dokumenteret UV-oxidationsteknologi og ledningsevnesensorer med den højeste nøjagtighed for at levere konsekvent og nøjagtig bestemmelse af organiske stoffer.

Verificerbar systemydeevne
Ved hjælp af avanceret sensordiagnostik giver 6000TOCi det indblik, som du har brug for, så du sikrer, at dit TOC-system altid måler effektivt.

Dokumentation - 5000TOCi TOC Analyzer


5000TOC Sensor - Total Organic Carbon Measurement in the Power Plant
This Application Note explains why total organic carbon (TOC) has been identified as an important measurement in power plant chemistry.
Problem of Organics in Power Plant Waters
While most efforts at producing pure water are aimed at removing minerals, these processes do not necessarily remove organic compounds. There is an in...
The impact of TOC in UPW systems for the Electronics Industry
Pure and Ultrapure water production requires the monitoring of organic contamination throughout the treatment process. The 5000TOC sensor provides con...

User Manuals

5000TOCi Sensor Quick Start-Up Guide
This quick setup contains safety instructions, 5000TOCi sensor installation and start-up, electrical connection, menu structure, operation, general se...


Data Sheet for 5000TOCi Sensors
The 5000TOCi Total Organic Carbon Sensor with ISM from METTLER TOLEDO Thornton delivers the power of an analyzer with the convenience of a sensor.

Tilbehør - 5000TOCi TOC Analyzer

Services - 5000TOCi TOC Analyzer

Specifikationer- 5000TOCi TOC Analyzer

Specifikationer - 5000TOCi TOC Analyzer
Måleområde 0.05 - 2000 ppbC (µgC/L)
Repeterbarhed ± 0.05 ppb C < 5 ppb, ± 1.0%> 5 ppb
Opløsning 0.001 ppbC (µgC/L)
Analysetid Continuous
Indledende responstid < 60 seconds
Detekteringsgrænse 0.025 ppbC
Kond.-nøjagtighed ±2%,0.02-20 μS/cm ±3%, 20-100 μS/cm
Cellekonstantnøjagtighed ± 2%
Temperature sensor Pt1000 RTD, Class A
Temperature accuracy ± 0.25°C
Boksens mål 11” [280mm] W x 7.4” [188mm] H x 5.25” [133mm] D
Kabinetmateriale "Polycarbonate plastic, flame retardant, UV and chemical resistant UL # E75645, Vol.1, Set 2, CSA #LR 49336"
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