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Self-Service Weighing Competence Brochure

Know How

Self-Service Solutions for Retailers

Self-Service Weighing Competence Brochure
Self-Service Weighing Competence Brochure

Quick. Convenient. Incredibly simple to use. Innovative self-service concepts impress your customers by offering an enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish. Win over your customers with user-friendly technology and more speed at the checkout. 

  • Market research predicts significant growth for self-service checkouts
  • Trend for self-service checkouts and automated self-service checkout processes shifts labeling to the fresh department; this means simpler, quicker payment as produce does not have to be weighed at the checkout
  • Greater service and more service offers at the self-service scales
  • Produce variety increases, as does complexity in the fresh department; modern self-service concepts ensure that the range of produce is manageable for the customer
  • Increasing shopper loyalty becomes more and more important

Set trends. Seize opportunities in self-service weighing.

Innovation is the result of fresh thinking. The creative spark that generates something new – something very unique. Rediscover self-service with METTLER TOLEDO with a variety of fresh ideas for your fresh produce.

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