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Advancing Green and Sustainable Chemistry with PAT

Improving Efficiency and Reducing Waste

Program oversigt

  • Techniques for optimizing chemical processes to reduce waste and improve efficiency
  • Case studies on successful implementation of green chemistry practices in various industries
  • Best practices for designing sustainable chemical processes using process analytical technology (PAT)
  • Q&A with industry experts and practitioners in sustainable chemistry


9:00 AM - Harnessing the Power of PAT Towards Greener Processes for API Development
Courtney Talicska, Pfizer 

9:45 AM - In Situ IR Study on Sustainability Approach
William Wang, Lubrizol

10:30 AM - High-Purity Lithium Carbonate via Controlled Crystallization
Jason Hein, Telescope Innovations


The strategic drive towards green and sustainable chemistry achieves a dual goal — greater efficiency and reduced waste. Companies across the pharmaceutical, agriculture, chemical, and energy sectors are systematically adopting metrics and strategic initiatives to ensure their products and processes are efficient, effective, and safe in ways that are beneficial to both their business and the environment.

As a result, scientists are increasingly leveraging tools to advance these goals. Process analytical technology (PAT), such as in-situ FTIR and inline particle imaging, provides deep insight into chemical reaction kinetics and mechanisms as well as particle formation and morphology via real-time analysis. Fully automated synthesis workstations provide precise control of reaction variables, which is key to mounting effective optimization studies. Modeling and simulation tools are increasingly being used to screen solvents, determine optimal conditions, and test new ideas using artificial intelligence and statistics.

During this seminar, you will hear from industry experts about their application of advanced tools like these to optimize chemical processes with sustainability goals in mind. Learn about the latest trends and innovations in sustainable chemistry through case studies and live Q&A with the presenters, where you can ask and submit questions directly.

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