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Dropping Point Test Complies Fully with IP396

The newest version of METTLER TOLEDO’s Dropping Point Excellence instruments enables dropping point testing of lubricating greases in a fully automated, dual heating ramp process, as required by the IP396 standard. Reliable and standard-compliant results are guaranteed.

Determining the dropping point is an important test method for assessing the quality of lubricating greases. The dropping point depends on the grease’s composition and establishes the maximum usable temperature, which is typically set from 50 °C to 100 °C below the experimentally determined dropping point.

Dual heating ramp process perfectly mastered
The IP396 standard defines a dual heating ramp procedure for dropping point testing of lubricating greases. Starting from an initial temperature that is 10 °C above ambient temperature, the sample is heated at a heating rate of 10 °C /min to a start temperature that depends on the expected dropping point of the sample. Then a heating rate of 1 °C /min is applied to the dropping point event, which is detected automatically.

The DP70 Dropping Point Excellence processes the IP396 workflow completely automatically. The lubricant samples are introduced with the DP sample carrier after the initial temperature has been reached. After confirmation, both heating ramps are executed without any further intervention until the dropping point is automatically detected and the result is clearly displayed on the touch screen or printed out. As required by the standard, there is no delay between completion of the first and start of the second heating ramp. The temperature is precisely controlled by the furnace control, which avoids temperature fluctuations during the heating ramps switch.

Security thanks to video image analysis
After starting the second ramp, the process is video recorded and the dropping point securely evaluated by reliable video image analysis. After test completion, the video can be used for investigation at any time required. This unique feature unambiguously contributes to result security and traceability. Precision tests of various lubricating grease samples with dropping points ranging from 150 °C to 300 °C revealed very good repeatability precision under the maximum permissible values required by the IP396 standard.

METTLER TOLEDO’s analytical solutions for petrochemical industry
Dropping point is one of various analytical solutions offered by METTLER TOLEDO for the petrochemical industry. Learn more about standard-compliant application solutions and appropriate instruments and accessories in the fields of density, refractometry and titration on www.mt.com/analytical-petro

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