UniCond<sup>TM</sup> Conductivity Sensors and M300 ISM Transmitters - METTLER TOLEDO

UniCondTM Conductivity Sensors and M300 ISM Transmitters

M300 ISM Line family and digital sensors

The new M300 ISM Line family of multiparameter dual and single channel Plug & Measure analytical transmitters and pre-calibrated, dynamic Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM™) digital sensors from Mettler Toledo were developed to improve all aspects of liquid analytical measurements - from start-up and commissioning to use!
The auto-recognition capabilities of ISM™ sensors permits all M300 ISM transmitters to measure conductivity, pH, ORP or dissolved oxygen automatically using factory calibrations stored in the sensor memory.  Calibration is not required at startup. This concept simplifies the installation of liquid process control measurement - just Plug & Measure with complete confidence!
The new M300 ISM Line provides:
  • Confidence and traceability with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM™)
  • Dynamic conductivity measurement range expansion is advanced by NEW UniCondTM conductivity technology with ISM™ - reduces multiple sensor types and inventory
  • Quick startup and easy commissioning with auto-recognition of pre-calibrated ISM™ sensors for Plug & Measure analysis
  • Reduced inventory and spare parts - one multiparameter transmitter can be used for all parameters
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