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SP+ Pipette Controller

Ergonomic Liquid Handling

A serological pipette controller – also known as a pipette aid or pipette gun -- is ideal for transferring growth media and other liquids for cell cultures, bacteria and yeast cultures, and sample prep (DNA/RNA/protein extraction). You can also use it to transfer liquids such as buffers, chemicals and other reagents. The Rainin SP+ has an extendable head that offers up to an additional 45 mm of height, includes a rechargeable battery, and works for up to 15 hours of consecutive use.

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Advantages of the SP+ Serological Pipette Controller


SP+ Data Sheet
Please read the SP+ manual in its entirety before using the instrument. It contains critical usage and technique information.
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What is the recommended method for cleaning the Rainin SP+?

Use ultraviolet irradiation. RNaseZAP wipe, or wipe with 70% alcohol or 10% bleach or 3% H202 (hydrogen peroxide).

Does the SP+ come with a filter?

Yes, users may choose between sterile and non-sterile filters, which are autoclavable and replaceable by the user. 

Which parts of the Rainin SP+ are autoclavable?

The aspiration cone, pipette adaptor and filter are all autoclavable.