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Transmitter M200 1-CH ½DIN

For Basic Water and Process Applications.This one-channel, 1/2 DIN size M200 transmitter is designed for basic water and process applications. It can be integrated with pH, ORP, DO, and conductivity sensors with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology.

Simple Handling

The M200 integrates with Intelligent Sensor Management sensors that can be pre-calibrated for fast, easy start-up.

Versatile to Meet Your Requirements

The M200 integrates with pH, ORP, DO, conductivity, and ozone sensors and offers a control input and multiple current outputs.

Predictive Diagnostics

The M200 gives you access to ISM predictive diagnostics of your sensors, helping manage maintenance efforts and extend sensor life.

Transmitter M200 1-CH ½DIN
Specifications - Transmitter M200 1-CH ½DIN
pH; ORP; Conductivity; Resistivity; Dissolved Oxygen; Dissolved Ozone
Sensor Type
easySense; ISM
Current Output(s) Digital Output
2 x 0/4-20mA
Analog Inputs
Relay Contact(s)
Inputs (2)
Hazardous Area Approvals
Approvals and Certificates
UL (US & Canada); CE compliant
Wired Mode
Power Supply
100 V to 240 VAC or 20 to 30 VDC, 10 VA
User Interface
4 line backlit LCD with 5 tactile keys
PID Controller
Enclosure Material
USB Interface
English; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish
Primary Media/Application
Chemical Processes; Other Industrial Processes; Other Water Processes; Pharmaceutical Waters; Power Plant Water/Steam; Semiconductor Water; Wastewater
Model Family
Protection Rating
Material Number(s)

Simple Handling and Configuration

Fast, error-free start-up is ensured thanks to the Plug and Measure technology. Sensors pre-calibrated using iSense software give measurements within moments of connection. Measurement set-up is simplified and minimal sensor configuration is needed.

Economical for System Integrators

The M200 analytical transmitter minimizes ownership costs. Configuration via PC and the free Transmitter Configuration Tool (TCT) saves time and allows easy set-up of multiple units.

Convenient and Reliable Operation

The M200 provides convenient, reliable operation on its large LCD display, with clear text information and quick access menu.

Versatile for a Range of Applications

This one-channel, multi-parameter transmitter integrates with pH, DO, dissolved O?, resistivity, and conductivity sensors. It accepts all of METTLER TOLEDO's digital easySense and UniCond sensors as well as a range of Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) s


Datasheets & Brochures

Data Sheet for M200 Analytical Transmitters
The METTLER TOLEDO M200 series of basic analytical instruments provides single and dual channel multi-parameter models to measure conductivity/resisti...

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Transmitter M200 1-CH ½DIN
Hazardous Area
FM Approved
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