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Flow through housing

Flow-Through Sensor Housings

Process Adaptions for Measurement in a Pipe or Bypass

A flow-through housing is a dependable piece of hardware that provides a secure way for analytical sensors to be integrated into a pipe or bypass. METTLER TOLEDO offers the InFlow series of flow-through housings that offers a variety of process connections, materials and bore sizes to accommodate common process environments. These flow-through sensor holders are easy to install and help protect the sensor for enhanced process safety.

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What is a flow-through housing?

A flow-through housing, or flow-through process adaption, is a piece of hardware designed for measuring points in a pipe or bypass. These flow-through housings allow for the direct insertion of an analytical sensor into the sample media, or the integration of a METTLER TOLEDO InTrac or InFit sensor housings into a pipe or bypass. METTLER TOLEDO offers the InFlow series of flow-through housings in a variety of materials, configurations and process connections for harsh chemical processing and industrial wastewater applications.

What sensors do METTLER TOLEDO flow-through housings integrate with?

METTLER TOLEDO flow-through housings integrate with a wide range of sensors. These include 12mm prepressurized pH and ORP sensors, refillable pH and ORP sensors, polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors, dissolved CO2 sensors, and select conductivity and turbidity sensors.

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