Portable pH Meter
Portable pH Meter

Portable pH Meter

Simple and Robust for Periodic pH Measurements in Industrial Environments

Durable and Robust for pH Measurement On-the-Go
Accurate, Reliable pH Measurement with Real-time Diagnostics
Easy-to-Use Interface and Data Storage System

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Material No.: 30386271
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pH-range-2 to 20 pH
AccuracyAnalog: ±0.02 pH, Analog: ±1 mV
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pH-range-2.00 ... +16.00
Accuracy<0.01 pH / <0.1 % o.m. ±0.3 mV


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Process Analytical Solutions - Optimizing Pharmaceutical Processes
Production processes and Purified Water quality can be assured through monitoring analytical parameters. For every stage of the manufacture of pharmac...


Cost-effective Amine Sweetening with In-line pH Analysis
Amine sweetening is a common unit process in refineries for the removal of sour gases. However, it can be a costly procedure that is often inefficien...
pH Measurement in Amine-Based Quench Water
To control the separation and to minimize corrosion, it is important to maintain the right pH level. Therefore neutralizing agents are injected in the...
Minimal Corrosion: Thanks to pH Control
The installation of an intelligent in-line pH measurement with automated electrode cleaning allows for accurate control of sour water pH in Crude Unit...


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