InPro 5000i CO₂ Sensor for Biotech - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO
InPro 5000i CO₂ Sensor for Biotech

InPro 5000i CO₂ Sensor for Biotech

METTLER TOLEDO's new line of advanced dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor series InPro 5000i is specially intended for use in sterile/hygienic processes (fermentation) in the pharmaceutical industry. Made of FDA compliant materials, with highly polished surface finish to facilitate cleaning, they fully meet international regulations such as EHEDG.

Specifications - InPro 5000i CO₂ Sensor for Biotech
Short description Sensor for achieving control of fermentation processes in pharmaceutical and biotech industries
Accuracy ± (10 % of the reading + 10 mbar)
Operating temperature 0 ... 60 °C (32 ... 140 °F)
Operating pressure 0.2 ... 2 bar (3 ... 30 psia)
Mechanical temperature resistance – 20 ... 130°C (– 4 ... 266 °F)
Steam sterilizable and autoclavable Yes
Cable Connection AK9
O2 selective membrane materia PTFE / Silicone
Shaft diameter 12 mm
Available lengths 120 mm, 220 mm, 320 mm
Certificates Quality certificate, Material certificate 3.1, Surface finish certificate 2.1
90% response time at 25°C (77°F) < 120 s
Industry Biotech

Feature and benefits

ISM technology

  • Plug and Measure for seamless installation
  • Pre batch diagnostics for best measurement performance
  • Full traceability for complete documentation

High performance

  • Inline measurement for real-time process control
  • Reliable CO2 measurement
  • Fast response
  • High signal stability thanks to new probe design
Easy handling
  • Proven membrane body concept for low maintenance
  • Only process calibration is needed
Hygienic design
  • Fully SIP resistant and autoclavable
  • PTFE coated membrane to avoid biofouling
  • FDA compliant design and materials


Case Studies

Success Story: Modelling with CO₂ Measurement Alllows Faster Scale-up of Fermentation Processes
Reliable and stable measurements with the CO₂ sensor InPro5000.The InPro 5000 sensor from METTLER TOLEDO enables precise and reliable inline measureme...


Dissolved CO₂ Measurement Theory Guide
Guide on Dissolved CO₂ Measurement Theory and Practice to Optimize Production in Bioreactors.

User Manuals

Quick Set-up Guide for InPro 5000 (i) Sensors
This quick setup contains safety instructions, sensor installation, operation, maintenance, disposal and storage condition of InPro 5000 (i) sensor.
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InPro 5000i CO₂ Sensor for Biotech
USP Class VI


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InPro 5000i CO₂ Sensor for Biotech
USP Class VI
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