FiveGo - Intuitive and Robust Portable pH Meter at an Attractive Price

FiveGo Standard Single-Channel Portable pH Meter

Complete Portable Meter for Rapid and Reliable Results on a Budget

Compact Size

Measuring 188 x 77 x 33 mm, this instrument is perfectly compact, making it optimized for mobile use in the field.

Lightweight Design

Designed for one-handed operation, our FiveGo™ series weighs 0.26 kg, making it easy to transport during mobile measurements.

uGo™ Carrying Case

Provides ideal protection and proper fitting for the pH meter, sensor and all of the accessories needed to perform regular measurements outdoors.


Large Display

The well-arranged screen with self-explanatory icons shows all information needed such as measurement data, sensor status and current calibration.

Ergonomic Design

Thanks to its ergonomic design, working with the FiveGo™ portables is a comfortable experience for both big and small hands. The foldable foot stand provides optimal viewing while situated on a lab bench.


The IP67 waterproof protection enables the FiveGo™ to withstand wet and demanding environments. With the compact carrying case FiveGo™ is the ideal partner for any outdoor measurement.



pH Sensors

The complete InLab® sensor portfolio covers the whole scope of pH applications. These range from routine measurements to specialist applications. To find your perfect match, visit our Sensor Product Guide today for an interactive way to the right sensor

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pH Solutions

METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of top quality buffers, standards, electrolytes, cleaning and verification solutions for determination of pH, conductivity, ion concentration, ORP and dissolved oxygen. All solutions are available in small volume bottles either in packs or single and single use sachets.

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We offer different service packages depending on your needs. These range from professional on-site installation and configuration to documented proof of compliancy. If full coverage beyond initial warranty is desired, we offer an extended care package in the form of preventive maintenance and repair.

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Products and Specs

Products and Specs
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Version kit
Material No.: 30266946
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ParameterpH; ORP
Version kitMeter only
Material No.: 30266889
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ParameterpH; ORP
Version kitReady-to-measure kit
Material No.: 30266881
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ParameterpH; ORP
Version kitReady-to-measure kit
Material No.: 30266882
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ParameterpH; ORP
Version kitReady-to-measure kit
Material No.: 30266883
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Version kitMeter only
Material No.: 30266888
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Version kitReady-to-measure kit
Material No.: 30266887
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Version kitReady-to-measure kit
Material No.: 30266884
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Version kitMeter only
Material No.: 30266885
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Version kitReady-to-measure kit
Material No.: 30266886
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Version kitReady-to-measure kit


Product Brochures

Time is an ever more valuable asset. Thanks to the FiveGo™'s intuitive operation, robust design and extensive memory functions, you can maximize you...

Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions FiveGo™ pH Meter F2
The FiveGo™ portables are much more than just a series portable meters with an excellent price/performance ratio. The meters offer a number of user-fr...


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What can be FiveGo™ portable meter used for?

The FiveGo™ portable meter is ideal for mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line or outdoors. High quality pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements are achieved with the simple click of a button. The FiveGo™ provides reliable measurements all at a reasonable price.

FiveGo™ Description:

  • Robust, IP67 waterproof ABS housing
  • Large, well-structured 3.1 in. segmented LCD display for easy viewing
  • Intuitive button arrangement and simple menu for easy operation
  • Ergonomic design provide comfort to both big and small hands
  • Foldable foot stand provides optimal viewing while situated on a lab bench
  • Withstands wet and demanding environments
  • Includes compact carrying case
  • ATC and MTC temperature compensation
  • Features Automatic and manual endpoint recording, Acoustic endpoint signal, Visual endpoint signal
  • Ideal for mobile applications in the laboratory, at-line or outdoors



What is the material of the FiveGo™ carrying case?

The black carrying case of the FiveGo™ instruments (F2, F3, F4) is made of polypropylene.

What is the difference between the FiveGo™ and the Seven2Go™ pH meter?

From a specification points of view: In difference to the FiveGo™, the Seven2Go™ pH meter:

  • has a measuring range of pH -2 ... 20 (instead of 0...14)
  • has a user-defined buffer group
  • can measure relative mV
  • can calibrate with up to 5 points (instead of 3)
  • offers segmented calibration mode
  • offers larger temperature range
  • can do timed interval readings
  • has a fast endpoint criterion (not only normal)
  • supports ISM
  • can be repaired, updated, calibrated, certified, adjusted


Some non-technical points:

  • The Seven2Go' s carry case uGo™ is morecomplete, robust and easier washable compared to the FiveGo™ carry case.
  • Portfolio of IP67 sensors of InLab® series (for Seven2Go™) is bigger and higher in quality than the IP67 sensors of LE series (for FiveGo™).
  • FiveGo™ is smaller and hence more handy than Seven2Go™.
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