Heat Flow Calorimeter - Calorimetry

Upgrade Kit EasyMax HFCal

Making EasyMax a Reaction Calorimeter.

Upgrade your synthesis workstation

In just a few simple steps your EasyMax 102 and 402 Advanced extents to a powerful reaction calorimeter. The package is Plug&Play and installed in minutes.

Go/NoGo decisions early in development

EasyMax HFCal provides reaction investigation under both isothermal and non-isothermal conditions for the most relevant reaction safety information

Calorimetry – simple and accurate

Powerful heating and cooling combined with the Plug & Play calorimetry module guarantee accurate and repeatable heat flow information

Heat Flow Calorimetry for Process Safety Screening
Specifications - Upgrade Kit EasyMax HFCal
Dimensions (WxDxH)
120 mm x 40 mm x 170 mm
Precision Heat Transfer
Typically +/- 4%
Accuracy and Precision Specific Heat
Typically +/-12%
Accuracy Heat Flow
Isothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 5 %; Non-isothermal conditions: ± 5 % to 10%; Based on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc
Calorimetry Type
Heat Flow
Material Number(s)


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iControl Software (A4)
iControl provides the tools to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the chemical reaction under study. The combination of reactor data with inf...

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Upgrade Kit EasyMax HFCal


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Upgrade Kit EasyMax HFCal
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