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SW License iC Raman 7 Instrument

Intelligent Reaction Analysis.iC Raman 7 Instrument License

One Click Reaction Profiling

iC Raman 7 automatically profiles reactions, verifies results, and generates process trends, reducing the time needed to analyze data from hours to minutes.

Smart Setup

iC Raman 7 optimizes data collection parameters, so that users can rely on high-quality data being collected for every experiment.

Sustainable Platform

iC Raman 7 is built on the new iC platform for reaction analysis, and is the sustainable choice for chemical development laboratories.

Specifications - SW License iC Raman 7 Instrument
iC Raman™ Software
ReactRaman Instruments
Material Number(s)
14960701, 14960703

Capture, Prepare, Share

Experimental findings are easily summarized and converted into useful formats that are compatible with ELNs and associated data management systems.

Seek Trends

Looking for peaks to profile can often take several hours for a complex reaction. The new Find Trends function allows reaction profiling in seconds. Click the button, choose the results that best match your chemistry, adjust if needed, and add the trend.


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SW License iC Raman 7 Instrument
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