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iC IR Software

Reaction Analysis Software for Chemical Development

iC IR is used by chemists and engineers to gain important insight into reaction initiation, endpoint, mechanism, pathway and kinetics. The software converts spectra into trends, which can be used to understand the impact of reaction variables on reaction performance.

iC IR includes a host of features that are designed specifically for chemical reaction analysis. Intelligent system checks ensure the collection of high quality data. One Click Reaction Profiling uses embedded expert level methodologies to allow any user to generate meaningful reaction profiles in seconds. Results are easily interpreted using integrated functional group correlation tables, and shared using the report designer.

Easy Data Collection and Instrument Control

  • Guided setup including intelligent probe cleaning ensures high-quality data collection
  • Calibration validation to NIST polystyrene standard ensures optimal data quality (optional)
  • Add notes in real time to give context and detail to experimental data
  • Offline data from HPLC or other methods can be used to fit IR trends to quantitative concentrations

Intuitive Data Visualization and Analysis

  • Use the Find Trends tool to quickly analyze and profile a reaction
  • Linked views highlight data relationships
  • On-the-fly data treatments and spectral manipulation allow real-time analysis
  • Annotations are easily added to trends or spectra to enhance understanding and reports
  • Ribbon-based controls describe the optimal workflow for guided reaction analysis
  • Zoom controls and time-region selection allow for targeted analysis of areas of interest
  • Smart Pin spectra across time intervals or events for easy data comparison

Data Exchange and Quick Reporting

  • A single click generates Microsoft® Office reports
  • Easily integrate other iC and iControl experiment data
  • Supports auto-export and real-time data exchange using industry standard formats
  • Use iC Data Center to capture, prepare, and share process information (optional)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility for electronic record keeping for use in compliant environments
Specifications - iC IR Software
iC IR™ Software
ReactIR and FlowIR Instruments
Latest Version
Material Number(s)
14910701, 14910703


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iC IR Software
Use spectroscopic data to increase chemical understanding and knowledge of the chemical process and associated critical parameters.

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iC IR Software
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