GWP® Recommendation - METTLER TOLEDO

To ensure accurate measuring, you must consider the following factors prior to the selection of a new balance or scale:

  • Largest weight to be weighed (including tare) -> specifies the capacity of the scale
  • Smallest (net) weight to be weighed -> specifies the minimum weight of the scale
  • Weighing accuracy required -> sets the upper limit to the allowable measurement uncertainty of the scale
  • Environmental conditions  and weighing application -> specify further properties of the scale


Scientifically select the balance or scale you need

GWP® Recommendation integrates metrological science with your specific requirements in a simple tool. It ensures that you purchase only equipment with measurement uncertainty smaller than the weighing accuracy.

GWP® Recommendation provides documented evidence that the selected instrument meets metrological, environmental and regulatory requirements.

GWP® Recommendation is globally available free of charge and can be issued for any METTLER TOLEDO balance or scale.
View a GWP®Recommendation Specimen for laboratories or a Recommendation Specimen for production.


GWP®: Read more about the science-based weighing standard

GWP® Verification: for certifying the accuracy of your equipment  in use (brand independent)


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