High Accuracy Load Cell ¦ Fast and Simple Automation with Integrated Weighing Components
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Fast and Simple Automation with Integrated High Accuracy Load Cell

Product Brochure

Automated weighing dramatically improves machines output - see how to accelerate performance while exceeding your customers' highest expectations.

high accuracy load cell
high accuracy load cell

When it comes to choosing weighing technology for automated production, important parameters such as readability, repeatability and sensitivity, must be your top considerations for high accuracy load cells and high precision load cells. Most importantly, avoid using resolution as your sole selection criteria, as this alone will not guarantee stable results or high quality.

For expert insights into selecting accurate ultra precision load cells, download the Automation Weighing Components Guide. 

5 Simple Reasons to use Automation Components
Finding a high accuracy load cell, high precision load cell or ultra precision load cell that is both easy to integrate and delivers fast, repeatable performance can be a challenge. Consider the "Top Five" simple reasons to automate with METTLER TOLEDO and experience cost savings, faster speeds and better quality for both you and your end users.



Standardized interfaces allow easy, efficient communication with the most common industrial PLC networks and cloud protocols.

Alarms and Alerts

Automation weigh modules have an integrated microprocessor that processes weight results, adjusts for environmental changes and includes condition-monitoring to improve production uptime.


The Automation Interface includes built-in security features like synchronization, equipment status, alarms and heartbeat that notifies your controls of any disruptions.


METTLER TOLEDO automated precision weigh modules offer versatile mechanical, electrical and software features for easy integration.


Choose from a wide variety of smart load cell technologies, that allow you to select between simple precision or the industries' highest precision with fast and stable weight.

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