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Press Release: Ensure Reliable Moisture Analysis with a Fast, Routine Test

A new, free publication from METTLER TOLEDO explains why routine testing of moisture analyzers is important. The simple and convenient 10-minute performance test it describes gives users absolute confidence in their moisture measurements over time.

To safeguard the quality and reliability of results, a fast and convenient 10-minute test is available to verify the overall performance of a moisture analyser. Learn more about the benefits of this performance test in a new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO entitled "A Fast Routine Test Ensures Trusted Moisture Results".

Regular verification of measuring devices is essential to ensure valid results and maintain quality. Although routine calibration and preventative maintenance of moisture analysers performed by a qualified service engineer is essential, performance testing between calibration intervals can give an analyst confidence that measurements are consistently correct. However, this testing may be neglected because traditional methods are inconvenient and time-consuming.

Press Release: Ensure Reliable Moisture Analysis with a Fast, Routine Test
Press Release: Ensure Reliable Moisture Analysis with a Fast, Routine Test

Now there is a fast and convenient alternative to lengthy traditional methods: SmartCal™. This highly temperature sensitive granular material provides a rapid method for verification of the overall performance of a moisture analyser, testing both the heating and the weighing elements simultaneously. It also provides the ability to monitor the performance of a moisture analyser over time with straightforward, compliant graphic reporting.

SmartCal™ is an ideal test substance because it releases a specific amount of moisture that is directly correlated to the selected drying temperature. When test results indicate that the instrument is behaving within the expected tolerances, it gives additional confidence in the validity of all measurements made since the previous SmartCal™ test.

The paper goes on to describe various scenarios that can affect the sensitivity of measuring equipment during operation, some of which can be difficult to control. This makes regular checks absolutely essential to ensure high quality results and prevent the need for repeat measurements, which eliminates time-consuming rework.

The paper will be of interest to quality managers and laboratory managers in industries such as food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

For more on this convenient, fast routine test that can give users confidence in their moisture analysis results, download the free white paper.


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