New Retail Case Study Released by METTLER TOLEDO

New Case Study Released

The Dutch grocery retailer Spar decided to manage all its retail weighing scales centrally from the company’s headquarters using the METTLER TOLEDO RetailSuite software. This centralized approach has proven to reduce software costs, increase equipment uptime and overall visibility to the store level across the chain.

Spar runs around 320 small and medium-sized supermarkets in the Netherlands. Recently, the grocery retailer decided to fully centralize its price, item and data management and migrated into a cloud-based solution. All local servers were removed and all existing weighing scales were updated to METTLER TOLEDO UC Evo Line networked scales. As part of this project, Spar also decided to reorganize its scale management activities. METTLER TOLEDO, as a long-standing partner of the grocery retailer, added a software solution to the project, the METTLER TOLEDO RetailSuite (MTRS), which was perfectly aligned with Spar’s new centralization process.

“The solution sounded interesting to us right from the start,” recalls Paul Willems, Manager Store Support at Spar Netherlands, “because the METTLER TOLEDO software enables data from each scale to be exchanged immediately via a single, central server.”

With MTRS, data management for all scales now takes place via the DistributionServer, which is located at Spar’s headquarters and is the centralized server for pulling and pushing information centrally for RetailSuite. Thanks to the intuitive portal of the DistributionManager, Paul Willems and his support team are able to see all the scales at a glance, grouped according to country, region and sales division. In just a few clicks, single scales can be updated, or all scales in the store network can be reconfigured.

Shortly after the installation of the new system, Spar was able to use MTRS to establish the parameters for their new label layout in accordance with the new labelling regulations. Furthermore, the scales are loaded with price and item information by the DistributionServer, which ensures that every scale is always up to date.

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New Case Study Released
New Case Study Released
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