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Produkte & Daten

Produkte & Daten
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Artikelnummer: 17012623
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Beschreibung2.2 ml 96-deepwell block for use on the Liquidator deck. SBS format. Non-sterile 5-pack. Autoclavable.
Order No.17012623
Artikelnummer: 17012584
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BeschreibungStabilize your deelp well plate during sample preparation step using E4-XLS pipette and PureSpeed tips
Order No.17012584
Artikelnummer: 17012582
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BeschreibungPureSpeed deepwell plate tip adapters for E4XLS+ 200 μL multichannel models
Order No.17012582
Artikelnummer: 17012583
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BeschreibungPureSpeed deepwell plate tip adapters for E4XLS+ 1200 μL multichannel models
Order No.17012583
Artikelnummer: 17013546
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BeschreibungStarter kit contains one E8-1200XLS multi-channel pipette and one PureSpeed Accessories Kit
Order No.17013546



PureSpeed für den Ionenaustausch Datenblatt
purification and simplify production of high-quality, highly-concentrated protein and biomolecule samples.
PureSpeed IP System Datenblatt
High Performance IP with PureSpeed ProA and ProG tips (pdf)
PureSpeed Proteinspitzen (Schnellste Immunpräzipitation) Produktbroschüre
Pipette tips for fast immunoprecipitation: high protein concentration, direct and indirect IP, processing 12 samples at once.
PureSpeed C18-Entsalzungsspitzen Datenblatt
PureSpeed™ C18 Desalting Tips: Collect better data easily

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