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IND690fill for IND690 Weighing Terminal

Capable software for precision dosing in industrial settings

With IND690fill software, the IND690 Weighing Terminal IND690 assures correct One-component-dosing at first go. Extensive trials, which cause labour and materials costs, are no longer necessary. The dosing software is intelligent enough to learn for itself, tailoring the IND690 terminal's already considerable capabilities to your requirements. As a stand-alone solution or incorporated in a system, the terminal is ready simply to "Plug and Fill".

Spezifikationen - IND690fill for IND690 Weighing Terminal
Gehäuse Stainless steel
Schutzgrad IP69K (resistant to high-pressure/steam jet cleaning)
Anzeige Active, bright VFD-dot matrix, graphics capability, 195x46mm
Tastatur Tactile membrane keypad
Schnittstellen Standard: 1x RS232; Optional: COM 2...9 different interfaces, e.g. Ethernet, Profibus, WLAN, Bluetooth, ...
Anwendungen Versatile functions thanks to a variety of available software modules
Suitable platforms / weigh modules K-, M-, D-, N-Line, Precision- and Laboratory scales, analog weighing platforms
Number of attachable platforms Up to 4 weighing platforms attachable, working simultaneously
Auflösung (eichfähig) Depends on the attached weighing platform
Auflösung Depends on the attached weighing platform
Abmessungen Desk-/wall model: 345x219x165mm; Panel model: 355x205x100mm
Aufstell-/Einbaumöglichkeiten Bench-, wall-, panel mount versions
A/D-Frequenz (int./ext) Up to 20 updates/sec.
Digital Input/Output Optional: digital I/O-IF, up to 64 I/O's via relay box
Zulassung für Ex-Bereiche Device IND690xx: approved accord. to ATEX Directive 94/9/EG for hazardous areas of zones 2 and 22
Optionen Diverse interfaces (Ethernet, WLAN, Profibus, ...) and Application Pacs
Zubehör Alibi memory for up to 675,500 weighments; Strip printer GA46; mechanical accessories: Wall bracket, Floor stand, Stand base, adapter for printer as well as cover for bench and wall models
Features and Benefits
Quick and accurate dispensing
The combination of fast data transmission, adaptable filters for tough conditions and separate weighing and evaluation allows formulae to be metered very quickly without sacrificing accuracy
Metering customization
Special requirements are handled by switchable functions such as scale changeover, residue and filling process control, material leveling and manual correction
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IND690fill for IND690 Weighing Terminal
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