Automated Weighing of Potent Compounds

Compound handling techniques

In the pharmaceutical industry, safety is a high profile topic and chemists are handling increasingly potent compounds more frequently. Dr. Roy Helmy, Director of Analytical Chemistry at Merck & Co., explains how using automated dispensing in a HEPA-filtered VBE with good potent compound handling techniques has eliminated the need to install an isolator for precise weighing of small quantities of OEB 5 compounds in his laboratory.

During the handling of potent compounds in the laboratory, companies have a legal requirement to minimize the exposure risk of their personnel by providing effective containment facilities and personal protective equipment (PPE). Automated powder weighing delivers an efficient combination of containment strategy and improved sample handling techniques to support these requirements.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Discover how researchers can work in a laboratory environment with OEB 5 compounds without the need for an isolator
  2. Understand how automated weighing of potent compounds can increase the safety of researchers whilst delivering accurate and reproducible weighing
  3. Learn how automated weighing of potent compounds can be 20 times faster than the manual equivalent

This Webinar will be of interest to:

  • Safety Managers and Consultants
  • Laboratory Managers, Laboratory Supervisors, and Production Managers
  • Analytical Laboratory Managers, Directors, and Department Heads
  • QA/QC Managers, Directors, and Department Heads
  • Compliance Managers, Regulatory Affairs Managersers, Directors, and Department Heads