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Improve Product Isolation in Process Development

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Achieve Target Purity, Yield, and Filtration Rates – Consistently.

Improve Product Isolation in Process Development
Improve Product Isolation in Process Development

Project teams must design and scale-up isolation processes in a timely manner with limited material, however significant challenges make this difficult. This custom, technical seminar will address the following topics:

  • The importance of crystallization for isolating target molecules
  • Interactive discussion of common challenges related to isolation process development in industry and at your company
  • Tools to develop isolation processes faster with higher yield and purity that scale up right first time
  • Application examples from industry

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Improve Product Isolation in Process Development
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Crystallization is a fundamental isolation tool because of its ability to separate the target molecule from the solvent and impurities in a single step, but it comes with its own set of challenges:

  • The material does not always crystallize out
  • Unexplainable variations in the crystal material
  • Irregular impurities and yield
  • Oiling out
  • The material takes too long to filter
  • Residual solvent left behind after the wash
  • The process fails to meet spec on scale up or pilot production

Project teams across the pharmaceutical industry are getting earlier process understanding for isolation development and scale up. Valuable information, such as crystallization onset and endpoint or the occurrence of oiling out, can easily be collected in real time as process parameters change without having to take samples.

This information can be used to quickly design better isolation processes that meet spec and scale-up right, first time.

If you are interested in attending a web-based seminar to learn about how scientists are already leveraging EasyViewer to improve process development, please register for a virtual seminar.

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