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Pipet-Lite Pipette LTS L-10MLXLS

The Performance Champions

Pipet-Lite XLS+ blends cutting-edge engineering and innovation to deliver highly reproducible results with exceptional comfort. New elastomeric seals and polymer tip ejectors, along with Rainin's patented LTS™ LiteTouch System™, deliver smoothness and control. The sure-fit handle, light springs and “Magnetic Assist™” technology ensure smooth, light operation and significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Tip shaft options included low-force LTS for improved ergonomics and universal-fit. Like all Pipet-Lite XLS models, its embedded RFID tag enables advanced calibration tracking with optional reader, software, and PC.

Specifikace - Pipet-Lite Pipette LTS L-10MLXLS
Rozsah objemu
1 mL – 10 mL
Přírůstek (manuální)
20 µL
Přesnost ± :
1 mL : 5 % / 50 µL ; 5 mL : 1 % / 50 µL ; 10 mL : 0,6 % / 60 µL
Preciznost ±
1 mL : 0,6 % / 6 µL ; 5 mL : 0,2 % / 10 µL ; 10 mL : 0,16 % / 16 µL
Technologie špiček
Systém LiteTouch LTS
Objednací číslo


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Spotřební materiál

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Pipet-Lite Pipette LTS L-10MLXLS
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