IND231-IND236 User's Guide - METTLER TOLEDO
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IND231-IND236 User's Guide

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The IND231/IND236 industrial scale terminal provides a compact yet flexible solution for a variety of weighing needs. Available as either AC powered for stationary applications or battery-powered for portable applications, this terminal is at home in virtually any industrial environment. Both 2mv/V and 3mv/V load cells are supported without the need for any configuration change. The IND231/IND236 delivers precision measurement data from grams to kilograms in a single, cost effective package. Standard applications include basic weighing, animal weighing, Over/Under checkweighing, counting and accumulation. Pre-defined application-specific print templates including date and time stamp, provide transmission of weighing transaction information to printers and PC software applications

IND231/IND236 User's Guide

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