CO2 Control for Optimal Growth and Higher Yield in Fermentation - METTLER TOLEDO
Webový seminář na objednávku

CO2 Control for Optimal Growth and Higher Yield in Fermentation

Webový seminář na objednávku
Among the analytical parameters monitored in biopharmaceutical fermentation, dissolved CO2 is probably the least recognized. However, a CO2 control strategy can increase yield by up to 40%. This webinar outlines the effect dissolved CO2 levels have on cell growth and how optimal conditions can be maintained. The webinar also introduces a new dissolved CO2 sensor that is highly tolerant of sterilization cycles, and that uses digital technology to enable predictive diagnostics for improved reliability.

Find out how:

  • optimal growth conditions lead to increased yield
  • in-line CO2 control leads to reduced fermentation time and increased process efficiency
8 min.
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