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Process Safety

Thermal Hazard Analysis

Process Safety requires fundamental understanding of the thermal hazards of a reaction.

Process Safety
Process Safety
We must ask ourselves:
  • How much heat will be generated under normal conditions?
  • How will a change in condition, controlled or uncontrolled, change the rate of heat generation?
  • Can our process equipment handle removing the rate of heat generation?

Answering these questions with speed and accuracy is necessary to ensure safe and efficient design and scale-up of synthesis reactions.

METTLER TOLEDO is the global leader in providing measurements for laboratory characterization of the thermal behavior of batch and semi-batch reactions.

  • Thermal Analysis for characterization of decomposition profiles - identifying potential of explosions and runaway reactions
  • Reaction Calorimetry for monitoring heat of reaction under normal operating conditions with accurately controlled temperature, pressure, dosing rates.  RTCalTM provides real time heat of reaction measurement - for isothermal and non-isothermal processes -without the need for calibration
  • Reaction monitoring (in situ FTIR with ReactIRTM) for a full picture of reaction mechanisms and kinetics - including detection of intermediates and side reactions
  • NEW iC Safety software to automate the calculation of standard thermal safety values - heat of reaction, thermal conversion, thermal accumulation, adiabatic temperature rise, Maximum Temperature of Synthetic Reaction (MTSR)

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